Роман в письмах в Цюрихе
The main feature of Royal Beast Design is a combination of contrasting materials. It is a mysterious mixture of luxury and the natural world - precious metals and wood, gemstones and seashells from exotic locations like Australia’s Gold Coast, with its unique silky, colourful, wavy style, for example. It seems that these are incompatible materials, but in fact, their combination is a symbol of freedom and even of fateful beauty.
Royal Beast Design Gemstone Set Bracelet
Tiger Eye gemstone set bracelet In the eyes of the tiger you can catch wildness, mystery and courage. They always identify a predator who is ready to attack, confident in her own abilities. The tiger eye stone gives its owner the same qualities, but with grace and magnetism. Don’t you want to feel like a brave defiant tigress, ready to challenge anyone facing you? Then put on the bracelet "Tiger Eye Mystery" and release your inner wildness!
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